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projection that they are saving syria. the pitiful for the dictatorship starting october first w. this is the deputy is coming to you live from berlin independence for the kurds in iraq no says baghdad this is go and celebrate after their vote for independence gets overwhelming support but there's talk in baghdad of sending in troops so where is the vote heading we talk to our correspondent in the region also coming up
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decisive steps forward on briggs it that's the british view as the fourth round of formal talks ended but the e.u.'s negotiators says they are weeks possibly months away from making substantial progress and hugh hefner the founder of playboy dies at the age of ninety one to empower women or was he just a peddler of porn. i don't welcome i'm a touchy man the latest move by iraq's kurds toward separate terminations us throwing the region into crisis more than ninety percent of people in iraq's kurdish region in the north voted in favor of independence the iraqi government reacted with outrage saying the referendum was illegal neighboring turkey and iran which also have kurdish minorities have both condemned the vote as the good celebrated iraq's prime minister threatened serious consequences.
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after voting for secession on monday kurds in iraq could hardly contain themselves thousands flooded the kurdish cities in nothing new ak to celebrate a referendum they have been pushing for years. today we are overjoyed we've been living under occupation and suffering for a hundred years but today we rejected that. yes for independence and freedom for the kurdish people although they were going to quote. kurdistan is a radian autonomous region within iraq but minority kurds want to break away with other to retreat like the oil rich region near the city of kirkuk to form an independent state. but dad has called the vote unconstitutional on tuesday iraq's prime minister. said international flights to the kurdish
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region would be suspended and vowed to keep iraq from breaking apart. they took advantage of the situation and violated the constitution i don't want to say that we will use force we'll use our heads and respect the constitution if they respond to this then it's fine and therefore today i demand that they return all the areas they recaptured from the islamic state it's what parliament decided. iraq's neighbors have rejected the referendum on tuesday turkey held joint military exercises along its border with a kurdish region and threaten to block kurdistan's oil exports. several airlines have also stopped flights to north and iraq at baghdad's request. the non-binding vote is unlikely to lead to independence anytime soon but that has not dampened the mood across the cut issue region. and some on the story i'm
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joined by detail because. he's insulin money a in iraq a kurdish region scientific what is the mood like i read. i'm written now standing one of the main streets in so many i mean you can see behind me there life is going on very normal but when you get close and talk to the people on one side they are very happy very motivated that this referendum has happened and the majority voted for yes but on the other hand you have a lot of confusion a lot of tension when you talk to them because they ask themselves what's now after the referendum what's going to happen what's what's going to be the reaction from black dots and how will the international community deal with them but it's good to mention of that same time they are motivated and they say we are ready to have a kurdish independent state so after such a resoundingly yes votes other people are expecting that this referendum will lead
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to independence. they are they have a very big hope about it that this it's time for them to have an independent kurdish state but also at the same time they ask a lot of different questions concerning the economical situation here if we take a very practical example like a lot of government and for years didn't get their money since months even though the government here is dependent on the imports from baghdad is dependent on the imports from iran and the imports from turkey what will happen if there's going to be a blockade these are the question is who are concerning now people because i'm today and so i am mania but if you look to arab you see the other city to other major city i talk to some citizens there on the phone and they already talk me there are they are afraid there's not going to be enough food and they're actually going to them are buying down buying the necessity things they need in their daily lives because of what's going to happen on the other and when you talk to the political
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side to the political experts here they say now have a legitimate ok from their people to start negotiating a lot having an independent kurdish state and what are the flies the bhandup has to kind of. cancel a lot of international flights to the region reacted to that. i mean the blockade will be action and counter concerning in not in solomon yet that's the information we have to now you already have some foreigners in our reveal who are leaving the country who are leaving the city and here in seoul and the new york people who say we should take now the last plane not the last international plane to leave the country because after that there's a lot of question what will happen if you can have a blockade blockade will be any people who are here now be able to leave that's a lot of question and you could feel i can require even if you talk to people face
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it's the question today what's going to happen oh will this referendum be translated into actions in daily life. abdelkarim and just far from the solomon here in iraq's kurdish reason thank you very much for that. you're welcome britain to europe now where both britain and the e.u. say they've had a constructive week as the fourth round of former breaks of talks come to an end in brussels britain's briggs's secretary david davis was upbeat saying the team's had made decisive steps forward but his european counterpart michel barnier warned that more progress was needed before the next phase of talks and trade and a transition period could begin. correspondent covering the stalks and joins me now from brussels. mixed messages there what was your assessment of the fourth round of talks. i would say america the u.k.'s position again today is to some extent a reflection of their negotiating position and that is the key problem is that the
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current government for off to reason may has to sell to its population and the bracks negotiations as some form of success something that will give them a better deal at the end of these negotiations and that is why david davies again was rather more upbeat about how things went and let's listen what michel barnier the chief negotiator for the e.u. had to say is going to run we have to construct a week yes but we are not yet there in terms of achieving sufficient progress so as you can hear he's a little more. has it and to call this really brock ress and i would say that if you if you put all in a nutshell the e.u. and the u.k. still remain divided on key issues in these talks now if this is a fourth round of talks british prime minister is that they went on a major charm offensive what did back to did that have on these talks it had to
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some extent the impact that it installed a little more dynamics as michelle money has put it in his press conference at the same time he said it it remains clear that one of the key stumbling blocks in the negotiations is that david davis his counterpart would like to mix together the talks about the current divorce so the commitments the u.k. has to honor and a future relationship and that is where mr brown years set for talking about a future relationship which only can be done if there is sufficient progress is still weeks even months away. yet not just in brussels thank you. that we now bring you some other stories making news around the world catalonian and spanish officials have held talks to discuss the policing of this sunday's unauthorized independence referendum the catalan recent government is determined to go ahead with the ballot while spanish state authorities are out to stop it pro
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independence politicians in catalonia have been threatened with arrest. people in puerto rico are pressing u.s. president donald trump to send more aid more quickly the u.s. territory has been paralyzed since hurricane maria hit a week ago nearly everyone on the island some three point four million people without electricity nearly half don't have running water and fuel is also scarce. a u.s. airstrike in afghanistan's capital kabul has claimed a number of civilian casualties officials say the strike missed its intended target due to what they called a missile malfunction it had been aimed at militants who launched rockets at kabul airport on wednesday shortly after the u.s. defense secretary jim artis arrived on a visit in german news just days after winning the general election chancellor angela merkel is on the campaign trail again this time she's helping out ahead of
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the snap election and the state of lower saxony back here in berlin parliamentary staff are busy rearranging the chairs with six different parties in a record number of deputies in parliament the bundestag they are having to create be more creative about finding space for everyone space is now a scarce commodity in this prime location in central berlin the new german parliament is going to be the biggest and most costly ever in post-war history instead of for now six parties have to divide up the four towers where the meeting rooms are but who is going to share with whom. probably the if you will be far away from us if i can choose. nobody wants to sit next to the a.f.d. in the parliament chamber either some are worried that if the far right party sits on the far right they'll be uncomfortably close to where the government sets of d. itself is relaxed on the issue. is about if
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they treat us in a way that makes us look like the victims of the voters will say that's on fan and then even more people are going to vote for us next time. the number of parliamentarians has swollen from six hundred thirty to seven hundred nine making space is not going to be easy but there is precedent when the greens first entered parliament in the eighty's there was no room for them they even held meetings in the open air the new bundestag is the third most populous parliament only the european parliament and the chinese people's congress has more members. the bigger the parliament gets the more difficult it gets to interact to debate and to keep the government in check because such a big parliament can't act as an independent institution anymore. because argonne again con the parliament may have grown but the percentage of women has shrunk the
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newborn to stack has the lowest percentage of female politicians and more than twenty yes a deficit which is particularly acute in the a.f.p. the f.t.p. and surprisingly enough christian democrats. playboy founder hugh hefner has died at the age of ninety one hefner gained instant fame when playboy was launched in the one nine hundred fifty s. the publication of the adult magazine came in deeply conservative america and created a sensation hefner spawned the brand into a publishing empire but his critics accused him of degrading and objectifying women hugh hefner and his giant media and entertainment empire from his elaborate mansions often call it in so pajamas. it takes a special event to get me to get out of my pajamas. perhaps. with its mix of nude photos highbrow articles and fiction by well known
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writers have to hit the nerve of the time when he started publishing playboy more than sixty years ago the men's magazine became a roaring success and instantly made having a famous for some hefner his magazine and his lifestyle or symbols of the sexual revolution credited with helping breakdown puritanical morals in the united states the fact that it would resources and that it would not only succeed but also would become fodder for. in the sixty's literally changed the world who could pose. for others heaven and degraded women treating them as objects of male fantasy at a time when women were fighting for basic rights such as equal opportunity and equal pain in the past decade or sorry playboy circulations have plummeted and the brand seemed outdated but have now leave the playboy lifestyle to the very end.
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you're watching the news still to come u.s. president donard from unveils his long awaited tax proposals he says slashing the corporate tax rate is a norm that goes a big part of the plan but where does that leave no income has. been visiting for my business says we'll have that story and you're watching the news coming to you live from but in. which of are they going. to link to news from africa and the war. or link to exception the stories and discussions from the news.


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